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"Awe rather than faith is the cardinal attitude of the religious Jew."
- Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Rabbi Jamie Korngold has always loved the outdoors, the place where humankind first met with God.  Adventure Rabbi was envisioned by Rabbi Korngold, who has experienced her most vibrant Jewish experiences in the outdoors. From scaling mountains to praying beneath the boughs of an apple tree in the backyard, she believes that the spirituality of the wilderness awakens Judaism.


Surrounded by the raw wonder of creation, Korngold helps people experience an inner peace and an abiding connection to her favorite definition of G-d, “That Which is Greater Than Ourselves”. In the wilderness, she believes, it is possible to distance ourselves from politics and protocol and allow the awareness of the connectedness of all things to permeate our souls.



Founded in November 2001, with the intention of bringing Jews back into communal religious life, through innovative religious programs, which combine the outdoors and Jewish practice; Adventure Rabbi, is an exciting, fresh approach to Judaism.


Adventure Rabbi is philosophically and theologically aligned with the Reform Movement. They are dedicated to Torah, G-d and Israel, and to creating opportunities to enhance their member’s relationships with Torah, G-d and Israel.


Among the programs Adventure Rabbi offers, is a B’nai Mitzvah program for Jews, who want to experience and participate in, what’s best described as, a synagogue without walls.


Adventure Rabbi specializes in experiential teaching of Jewish ritual, practice and theology. Their  outdoor programs are infused with teaching moments. From the Rabbi’s sermons on the Torah potion of the week, to discussions of contemporary theologians such as Martin Buber and Abraham Joshua Heschel, every event is filled with learning opportunities.   


Becoming a bar or bat mitzvah, a son or daughter of the commandments, marks the beginning of a child’s maturation into adulthood. Through the process the child demonstrates his or her burgeoning ability to take on more responsibility for him or herself, ethically, morally, intellectually and physically. This is the beginning of a process that will continue until adulthood is reached.



The b’nai mitzvah process itself should mirror this maturation and increased ability to assume responsibility for self. Although each component of the learning needs to be supervised and supported by parents, the child’s responsibility for his or her actions should be stressed and called into play whenever possible.



Of course what makes our b’nai mitzvah program unique is that we offer ceremonies that are held outdoors. Simply by being in the wilderness, the spirituality of the experience is powerful.

Because we use a paper Torah rather than a kosher parchment Torah (which might be damaged by the elements) our ceremonies can take place in any location, as accessible or adventurous as your family chooses. Generally, Rabbi Korngold leads the ceremonies that take place on the Mesa Trail in Boulder, Colorado, and include an hour and fifteen minute hike (each way) to a beautiful natural outdoor synagogue, nestled up against a sheer rock face. Other rabbis are available in services that take place in other locations, including outside of Colorado.


Adventure Rabbi starts the process assigning prospective students a Bar or Bat Mitzvah supervisor and arranges regular meetings with you by phone or in person. These ongoing conversations will help make your learning experience meaningful. Generally, these are rabbinical students from Hebrew Union College, who are passionate about sharing their knowledge about Judaism and whose enthusiasm is contagious.




For more information about the Adventure Rabbi program visit www.AdventureRabbi.com


Rabbi Jamie S. Korngold is author of “G-d in the Wilderness” and serves as the spiritual leader of Adventure Rabbi. Rabbi Korngold received her ordination from Hebrew Union College- Jewish Institute of Religion, the academic, spiritual and professional development center for Reform Judaism. Rabbi Korngold is a member of the Central Conference of American Rabbis (the international rabbinic association of Reform Judaism) Chaver (The Boulder Colorado Rabbinical Council) and the Rocky Mountain Rabbinical Association.  She lives in Boulder, Colorado, with her husband and two daughters.




G-d In the Wildnerness by Rabbi S. Korngold

Publishers Weekly says:

Balancing an in-depth knowledge of scripture with a wry sense of humor and a compassion for nature, Rabbi Korngold reminds us of 'the nooks and crannies of the natural world' and says that 'we must seek them out, soak them in and care for them.' While certainly aimed at adventuresome readers, the book's message, filled with depictions of fire, water, earth and sky, simultaneously encourages individual exploration and communal responsibility.

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